Giving Light

A popular gift for adults, at present, is a colouring-in book. In busy lives, the benefit of stillness and reflection is something sought after by many. For those of us who have a regular prayer practice, the graces of taking time to still ourselves and allow God into our hearts are abundant.

Colouring in can be a method of prayer that engages some of our students. The repetitive motion of colouring can be relaxing and enable them to allow their thoughts to lead to prayer. To help this practice, in this year of mercy, I have been developing some colouring pages that include Scripture passages, quotations from Misericordiae Vultus or Laudato Si, or, from my own mercy tradition, quotations from Catherine McAuley. I invite my students to find a quiet space by themselves with some colouring pens and to take the time to relax, to colour and to reflect on the quotation. A subsequent step is to encourage the students to move from colouring-in, to creating their own images or mandalas, allowing their own prayers to become visible through their art work.

Much of the artwork is adapted from a purchased freepik license. Feel free to copy as many pages as you need for the students or staff in the school/organisation for which the pack was purchased. Money raised will go toward the initiatives of the Sisters of Mercy to address housing concerns.

After purchasing a pack for NZ$30.00 through the link below you will be sent a link within 24 hours to download your file from. New Zealand schools wishing to purchase a pack may request an invoice be sent to their school for payment by contacting

Anna Nicholls rsm